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Is Your Phone Smart Enough to Replace Your Doctor?

Smartphone medical apps

It is true that the term “Smartphone” is becoming more relevant as the cell phone industry continues to evolve. A person’s cell phone has become like a central nervous system that they almost couldn’t live without if it were ever left behind. From organizing a daily calendar to providing traffic reports, reminding users when to […]

Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Choices for self-employed health insurance

It’s not a choice for the majority of us, if we want to make a living, have a place to live, and put food on our table we need to have a job. While some are content with a minimum wage job with flexible hours and few benefits, others will always be climbing to the […]

Careers in Business and Medicine

Careers that combine business and medicine

When choosing a career path, many people do not often think of business and medicine as a combination for a degree. While medicine is a lucrative and passionate career choice, many steer clear of it because of the time it takes to complete a degree. Business can also be a lucrative path, however, it is […]

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